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I'm so pleased you've come! I have two titles currently available through,, and B& - Inner Sanctum Book One (Inspirational Sci-Fi/Dystopia) & Voices of Angels (Romantic Suspense). 

I have already have a website for my business, Next Level Editing and Transcription ( and freelancer network, Essentially Books (, and wanted something separate for my books. 

Author Bio

All my life I've known I'm a writer. For many years, I tried to be someone else. I was talented in that area too, and it became my focal point instead of writing. I knew I couldn't do both, and eventually God led me down a path I'd never imagined, but it did finally open my eyes and let out the stories that had collected in my mind.

Inner Sanctum was my first title. Then two years later, Voices of Angels, and the companion books, Finding Your Voice: When it Seems Life has Stolen Yours (Devotional), and The Connected Voice Journal.

While my books are written from a Christian worldview perspective, they are written for a general, mainstream audience in mind. My main goal with each title is to connect the reader to believable, relatable characters, and take them on an enjoyable literary journey.

Two journeys down; 170-something more to go. 

Review for Voices of Angels...

Voices of Angels by Darlene Oakley is a wonderful Christian fiction novel I found uplifting, well written, with just the right mixture of suspense, romance and faith. The realistic plot was easy to read and kept me engaged. I fell in love with and truly cared about the primary characters Dany and Julia. The story ends very poetically and left me feeling satisfied, inspired, and reinforced my belief in the power of forgiveness."

Loretta Paszhat - Reader

Review for Voices of Angels...

“I love a good mystery with a hint of romance. Voices of Angels by Darlene Oakley does both very well. With various cities and rural settings in Canada as the setting, this Canadian was truly blessed. The more guess work in a mystery, the better! Oakley kept me guessing right up until the final chapters as she unraveled the layers surrounding the villain and the reason for his actions. It took a message in a bottle and tragic experiences to bring Julia and Dany together. As they sort through their tragedies and aid one another, the villain continues to elude them and the local authorities. I look forward to future books in this series with Julia and Dany and perhaps there will be more messages in bottles."

Jenny E. Burr - Reader, Writer, Editor

Review for Voices of Angels...

I will start off by saying that I am a Christian and I do read Christian fiction, but I rarely read contemporary Christian fiction including Christian romance. My reasoning behind this is that I don't find the characters relatable. The Christian characters always seem ideal and perfect even when things are going bad. I am so happy to say that this is not the case with Darlene Oakley's book Voices Of Angels!

The characters, Dany and Julia, are well written. They have the right blend of human emotions and reactions mixed into their faith to allow for characters that are not only believable, but also relatable. They struggle with their initial reactions like normal people, but then work through their reaction and thoughts to respond in a way that is pleasing to God. Their love story, although somewhat quick for some people, is extremely believable and is understandable to those of us who fell in love quickly with the spouse that God had designated for them.

Darlene is able to weave a mystery that is full of suspense without getting boring or foreshadowing the conclusion. She keeps you guessing right to the end. I couldn't put this book down.

I highly recommend this book and can't wait to read more of Darlene's books."

Twilah St. Cyr - Reader, Writer

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